House Eveline


Apartment-Center Austria


Restored, over 100 years old typical for the region arcades house in a quiet area, in front of natural garden with cherry trees. Terrace with distant view.

In the former service wing 2 horses in an open stable, grazing in the meadows beside the house are. Member company of Pannonian living.


The kitchen is equipped with old tile stove, solid fitted kitchen and a cozy sitting area. Living-room with fireplace and sofa. Sunbeds, barbecue, lockable depot space.


€ 62.00 per day (Holiday House)

€ 392.00 per week (Holiday House)

House Eveline IDNr 021-019                                                        GOOGLE MAPS

7542 Gerersdorf bei Güssing

75 m2 - 2 persons

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